My Story

I'm a wife to my wonderful husband, a mom to our 5 beautiful children, our fur babies Tinkerbell, Sephora and Simon, parrot Mickey and I love to scrapbook and other stuff...  

A little history about me and scrapbooking... My first attempt at scrapbooking began when my daughter Kiara was born in 1999.  I had this great idea that I would start a scrapbook for her and I did....trouble in paradise? You could say that... I managed to make a few pages, got busy with life, forgot about it, had another baby 3 1/2 years later. Then I remembered that I started a scrapbook for Kiara and should do the same for Zoe.  Well, when I opened up the half done scrapbook, i discovered that all my pictures have fallen off the page and lay at the bottom of the page protectors!
Discouraged, I said to myself, "FORGET IT!".

So years passed and more of life happens and my friend Rachel introduced me back to scrapbooking in 2009. Every Friday night, after work, Rachel and I would get together either at my place or hers and scrapbook for hours! The first scrapbook I decided to work on was my wedding album (from 1999) I worked on the album for hours and after Rachel left that Friday evening (or Saturday morning...), I decided to stay up and took apart my finished wedding album to redo it (it was a temporary moment of insanity and I still get grief from Rachel every time the story comes up). That's where my story begins..

I am currently a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant, I love their products and that they offer the best Cricut cartridges in the market.  I do most of my cuts with my Cricut Explore (it's the best) however, I do use my Cricut Expression (and E2) when I am cropping outside of home.
I believe that the best way to preserve and share our life's memories are through photos.  We take lots of pictures almost on a daily basis and somehow these photos are never seen and get lost in the abyss of our computer hard drives and discs.

Browse around, comment and share. 
Every day is a good day to share memories of our past.

Angela White